We keep making poor decisions and then beat ourselves up over it.

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Newsflash: We humans are not always rational decision-makers. We make some questionable economic (and other) choices because, in Nobel prize-winning Professor Thaler's words, 'We are humans, not econs.'

We operate in a world of sales pitches and marketing traps. To avoid severe buyer's remorse, we would be well served to understand three fundamental concepts in Economics articulated further in this article.

I’ll start with an example.

Let's say you've been a trooper: you finished your long project, got your exercise in, walked the dog, etc. You feel accomplished…

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Having two or more of everything, “just in case”, does not signify great planning. It points to poor decision-making. Simplify your life. It’s easy to complicate things but genius is in keeping it simple and stupid.

On Nov 1, 1972, the New York Times published an article that began with this question:

Will Sophia Loren finally get the 34.30‐carat emerald ring that her husband, Carlo Ponti, tried unsuccessfully to buy for her in 1968?

Now, you may be wondering what place a 34-carat emerald ring (or any jewelry) has in a post titled “Simplify your life.” Let me explain.


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This article is Part 2 of the Early Mornings series. Part 1 was the discussion about how to wake up early.

If you haven’t read that already, I highly recommend you do. You can’t work on morning routines unless you have mornings to work with-cart before the horse and all that.

We do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day — US Army

As important as it is to wake up at a consistent (early) time every day, it’s equally critical to have a great morning routine. Otherwise, it’s like being all dressed up with nowhere to…

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Does the phrase wake up early make you want to curl up and sleep some more? If you feel the word morning has too much a.m. associated with it, you’re not alone.

After spending more than half my life a night owl, I slowly transitioned to being an early bird — a lark. Not to sound too hyperbolic, but it has been one of the most positive, life-altering decisions I’ve made.

The question of whether to be an owl or a lark is such a hotly debated subject. This issue seems to energize (and polarize) people across the board. And…

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Instead of minding our own businesses, why do we “waste” time discussing others’ comings and goings? Shouldn’t we be solving the hard problem of consciousness instead of commenting on Lady Gaga’s red carpet appearance (she literally seemed to have worn the red carpet instead of just walking on one) at the last Presidential inauguration? Read on to find out why gossip is so central to our natures.

Social researchers Levin and Arluke conducted an interesting behavioral research study among young adults. They distributed flyers for a couple’s wedding invitation within a college campus.

Word soon spread about this wedding. In…

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Alisha stops by five times on her way to the park to pick up fallen twigs and flowers and once to pet a corgi across the road. She seems in no hurry as she slowly meanders her way to the park. Strangely, no one seems perturbed by this behavior. They have, in fact, come to expect this of Alisha. Alisha is three years old.

On the other hand, when Aidan (30), ostensibly while preparing for a presentation, stops his work multiple times to check his Twitter account or read the reviews on the latest VR headset, he is subject to…

Work expands to fill time, so don’t let it

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I’d like to start this article on how to adopt a proven corporate productivity tool, “working in sprints,” to fuel personal growth with this disclaimer.

If you have one (or both) of the items listed below, then this article may not be very useful to you:

  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlimited time

For the rest of us, with time and resource constraints, I’d like to share some ideas on how to turn time and resource lemons into great lemonade. …

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After an hour of doomscrolling on my phone, I switched gears to doomscroll on Netflix, instead. That’s when I stopped to watch a documentary (mockumentary?) on the power of affirmations.

I saw folks claiming to have transitioned from genuinely desperate situations-serious emotional, financial, or relationship troubles-into becoming happy, thriving individuals. They attributed the change in their lives to the affirmations they had started to say to themselves every day.

The subjects on the TV show provided testimonial after testimonial touting the immense power of affirmations. …

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The fastest, guaranteed way to go from being happy and contented to becoming miserable and gloomy is by comparing yourself to others. So why do we indulge in such comparisons, and how do we rid ourselves of this tendency?

Let’s start with an incident from 1995-a bank robbery that led to a critical behavioral psychology lesson.

Not so invisible

A man robbed two banks in broad daylight in Pittsburgh, PA. He was unmasked and smiled at the security cameras as he left the crime scene. A few hours later, he was genuinely surprised when the cops found him. …

It doesn’t require rocket science for you to form great habits. You need commitment.

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I’ve experimented with various techniques over the years to build good habits. Given I’m nowhere near perfection, let’s say not all methods worked well. I’ve since then discovered the power of habit streaks. I’m a fan, and I reckon you’d be too if you saw these results.

I started the year trying to get into a habit of closing all three rings (for move, exercise, and stand) on my Apple watch for 30 continuous days. Before this endeavor, my longest stretch had been eight days — so I figured a 30-day habit streak would make me feel accomplished.

I got…

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